UK words vs US words

term/ semester
sweet / candy
draughts/ checkers
biscuit /cookie
rucksack /backpack
coach /bus
spectacles/ eyeglasses
lecturer /professor
hire /rent
schedule/ timetable
vacation /holiday
garden /yard
VAX sales/ tax
driving licence/ driver's license

aeroplane /airplane 
nappy /diaper
toilet /bathroom 
queue/ line
 rubber /eraser
 trousers/ pants 
rubbish  /garbage
jug  /pitcher 
lorry /truck 
supermarket/  grocery store 
colour  /color 
flavour /flavor
harbour/ harbor
honour /honor
humour /humor
labour /labor
neighbour/ neighbor
rumour /rumor 
pavement/ side walk 
french-fries / chips
Autumn /fall
car park / parking lot 
the cinema / the movies
holiday / vacation
nappy / diaper
pub / bar

* Both words usages are acceptable in UPSR Paper 2 writing.


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