ENGLISH PAPER 2 - SECTION B 2(b)- how to write your reasons -samples

UPSR: English Paper 2: Section B – Question 2 (b) 


 1.   Place / Venue/ Location

 I can go there easily.
 It is near my house.
 I can go there at anytime.
 It is a nice / beautiful place.

 2.   Society

 It is very enjoyable.
 It is very useful and has a lot of benefits.
 I can gain more knowledge.
 I can improve my vocabulary.
 I can widen my knowledge.
 I shall be more confident of myself.
 I can get a lot of new friends.
 I can do something beneficial during my free time.
 I shall be able to know more about new things.
 It gives me a pleasant feeling.
 It teaches me to independent / confident.
 My parents always encourage me.

 3.  Price / Fee / Fare / Rent

 It is reasonable and affordable.
 I can save my money for other expenses.
 It is a reasonable price and I think I can afford it.
 It is also worth buying.
 The price is low and reasonable.
 I can afford to pay for it / buy it.
 It is cheaper than the others.

 4.  Free gift / Discount / Offer / Souvenir

 It is attractive offer.
 I can save my pocket money.
 I do not have to buy it anymore.
 I don’t have to spend more.

 5.  Food / Drinks / Menu / Dishes / Meal

 It is delicious and appetizing.
 It is nutritious, tasty and appetizing.
 It is my favourite food / drinks.
 It is good for my health.

 6.  Transport

 It is comfortable / convenient.
 I can relax myself during a journey.
 It is an economical way of travelling.
 It is suitable for a long journey.
 It is fast and I won’t feel bored.
 I can enjoy watching the beautiful scenery along     the journey.

 7.  Facility

 I can enjoy them.
 I can use them.

 It is comfortable and convenient.

 8.  Date / Time / Duration

 I am free at that time.
 It takes a shorter / longer time to finish it.
 I would not feel bored.
 The time is enough for me to spend it there.

 9.  Colour / Fashion / Pattern /  Design

 It is beautiful / attractive / eye-catching.
 It is my favourite colour / design.
 It suits me.
 It is the latest fashion / pattern / design.

 10.  Occupation

 I can earn money for living.
 It teaches me to be responsible / independent.
 I will commit to my job.
 I can support my family / parents.

 11.  Pen-pal

 We can exchange ideas.
 We can share the same hobby / ideas / interest.
 I can learn many new things from her / him.
 I shall be able to know more about his / her country.
 I have a chance to visit him / her country one day.

 12.  Pets

 It is cute.
 It is easy to look after / to take care / to manage.
 It is easy to feed.
 I can play with it.
 It can be a great company to me.
 It can help to look after the house.

13.  Material

It is cool and comfortable.
 It is long-lasting.
 It is worth it to buy.
 I can wear it for a long time.

 14.  Finally / Lastly

 I am sure I have made the best choice.
 Definitely, my choice is right.
 I hope my father / mother / brother / sister will like  my choice and appreciate it.


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